The 10th Short Film and Video Festival Program
18/08/06 (By: SHORT 10)

The 10th Short Film and Video Festival Program


All program is free of charge, except Long Night of Shorts (100 Baht) and Short Film Charity (150 Baht). All revenue is wholly contributed to the National Film Archive without any deduction.



Location: Pridi Panomyong Institute, Sukhumvit 55 (Thonglor)


 17 August

18.00    Opening Program

˹ѧ . Khor Khai/2006 /25 min / World Premeire

Director: Songyos Sukmakanan

Synopsis: One evening, when Mark (a grade 10 student) is going to get on the school bus to go back home, his close friend persuades him to go to the schools swimming pool. Mark agrees, although he realizes that he will have to go home on his own for the first time. He recognizes that bus no.145 can take him home. However, what he does not know is that he should take the bus from the opposite bus stop. As a result, that bus trip takes him further away from home, to a stranger and a grilled egg.


City Paradise /2004 / 6 min.

Director: Gaelle Dennis

Synopsis: City Paradise is a beautiful and quirky animation from BAFTA winning director. London is a big city, and for those new to it, it can sometimes seem quite scary. But Tomoko, who arrives from Japan to learn English, accidentally discovers a mysterious, secret city underground, inhabited by friendly little aliens. After that, everything changes.


Graceland /2006 / 17:37 Director: Anocha Suwichakornpong

Synopsis: One night in Bangkok, Jon meets a mysterious woman. Together, they embark on a journey to a foreign land the human heart.



20.00     觷͹ (Still Alive)  2006 / 90 min /  color / sound / Documentary / World Premeire

Director: Suwan Huangsirisakul

Synipsis: When the tsunami hit the island resort of Phuket on Dec. 26, 2004, filmmaker Suwan Huangsirisakul was among the people whose lives were affected by the disastrous waves. But Suwan, who has recently re-opened his clothing shop on Patong beach, only realized the real magnitude of the catastrophe when he picked up his DV camera and started recording things that move, that remain, and that has been reborn all around him.



18 August

18.00     Digital Momentum 1

(In Between)

2006 / 43 min / Color / Sound / Documentary

Director / Producer: Panu Aree

Synipsis: In Between takes audiences on an exploration of one day in the lives of four Muslims in Bangkok.


Patterns Of Transcendence

2006 / 49:06 min / Color / Sound / Director Jakrawal Nilthamrong

Synopsis: The film starts with a lonely old man who dreams that he commits suicide and his soul floats into another person.  Inspired by a Hindu folk tale about the god Rudra, who experienced the reincarnation of his former lives through dreams inside dreams.


20.00     šҪ (Weirdrosopher World)  2006 / 90 min. / Color / Sound / Documentary / World Premeire

Director: Nontawat Numbenchapol,  Rthit Phannikul

Synipsis: This document is told through collaged pieces of songs, which will sweep you with skateboards and unpredictable ending.



19 August

12.00    The Competition Program 1  [Documentary]

ѡ֧ͧ / 24  min /ҷԵ ҹ

ѡ§ / 12.30 min / Ѱ ôѡ

ҧ/ 18 min / ྪùͺ 

When something Happens/ 27 min / ó Ф

ҹͧ /14 min / Сѵ

/26.30 min /õѡ آԵ



14.30    S-Express Singapore

Singapore Standard Time /25.47 min/ Joycelyn Khoo & Serene Ng

Synopsis: Singapore as a city has adopted and adapted the quirks and advantages of a high-speed urban culture to its own interests. This documentary explores the ways in which speed has taken root in Singaporean culture. However, could this lifestyle we are so accustomed to be a sign of something more?

Inspired by local documentaries like Tan Pin Pins Singapore GaGa, which weave lyrical tapestries from aspects of Singapo-rean life that have been taken for granted. We hope to create a similarly thoughtful piece that prompts people to look harder, think deeper. (Joycelyn Khoo)

Directors Bio: Joycelyn Khoo is formerly an electronic and broadcast media student at the School of Communication and Information, NTU. She has a wide range of experience in all stages of video production, both on location and in the studio, and has played varied roles in a number of school video projects, as well as during her internship at Mega Media. She is also skilled in postproduction work.


A Wake / 19:40 min / Jeremy Sing

Synopsis: Early 1980s Singa-pore.  A traditional and elaborate Chinese funeral wake. A freak incident happens at the wake followed by some truly shocking revelations. A boy awa-kens to some truths behind his family and the people in his life.

Directors Bio: Jeremy Sing is a relatively new but enthusiastic filmmaker in the Singapore scene. He has made 2 short films and various videos in the span of 1 year. The New Cleaner was his debut short digital film. A wake, is his 2nd short film.

Being young in his development in this field, he is still seeking opportunities to explore other genres like experimental and documentary. He has just completed a short experimental video HA-NOISE about noise in Hanoi. He is currently preparing for another experimental short film to be shot on Super 8mm film. In addition, he has a concurrent video project called The 4 Seasons of Singapore.


Jane/ 17 min / Tania Sng

Synopsis: In the midst of career success, 30 year old Jane discovers that all she has been working for may not be what she wants after all.

Directors bio: Graduating from Ithaca College with a Bachelor of Science in Film and Photography. Now, Tania runs Aquafire Productions as Creative Director. She recently Executive Produced the feature-length film Cages, a Singapore-US co-production and has made several short films.


S-Express Malaysia

While You Were Eating /4 min/ Chi Too

Synopsis: A double date with a twist.

Directors Bio: Chi Too has made shorts for fun, profit and activism. When he's not making films, Chi Too enjoys going to random places performing random acts with random people and beings.



Under The Bridge /2 min/ Hardesh Singh

Synopsis: A suspense drama for the acrophobic.

Directors Bio: Prolific composer Hardesh Singh did the soundtracks for many Malaysian movies including The Last Communist, Gubra, The Gravel Road and Monday Morning Glory. He was selected for the Berlinale Talent Campus 2005.



Oh My Goat! /8 min /Shan

Synopsis: Do you know where your food comes from?

Directors Bio:  Shan is a graduate of the National Film Academy. His previous shorts include the Malaysian Video Award-winning No Worry Chicken Curry. He has just completed his first independent feature, Sweet Dreams.



The Wait / 7 min / Akashdeep Singh

Synopsis: What do you have to do to get some service around here?

Directors Bio: Akash is an editor and this is his directorial debut. So he decided to tell a true story about himself.



Satu Malam Isnin (One Monday Night) /10min/ Raja Azhar

Synopsis: Three friends get together. Two of them want to talk about music.

Directors Bio: Raja Azhar (RR) is an active member of the team. This is his directorial debut.



Flower/ 20 min / Liew Seng Tat

Synopsis: An old woman starts to reminisce about stranger and saucier times. Featuring cameos by 2 famous Malaysian filmmakers, Yasmin Ahmad and Tan Chui Mui.

Directors Bio: Liew Seng Tat is a graduate of Multimedia University. He is a two-time main winner of the Malaysian Video Awards.




The Idiots/ 8 min/ Mohammad Alfie

Synopsis: Three idiots sit by the roadside doing their own thing. Along comes a family from the city warning them of a war heading their way. Final Year Film Project for the National Arts Academy.

Directors Bio: Mohammad Alfie is currently at home doing nothing. Alfie: "The Idiots is an attempt to make an 8 min war movie on a shoestring budget, too little equipment, no extras, Enjoy!"




17.00    The Competition Program 2

            ӵͺش/4.20min /ءѷ  ʧѾ

            /18min /ȵ Ѳ

            ҡѺ / 7min /Ե عС

            ͹/22min /ѷ Եšþ

            Take a Message/17min / ªҹ

            /15.20min /оվó շͧ

            ѭ/10min /ѵԹ ྪ

            ͹ /20min /ظ

            MY BEST FRIEND:Silent in the noise/7 min /Ԫ  ʺحЪ



19.30    Anocha Suwichakornpong Program  

Full Moon /2003/ 15 min 

Director: Anocha Suwichakornpong / Producers: Naengnoi Suwichakornpong, Sirima Suwichakornpong / Script: Anocha Suwichakorn-pong, Garth Bardsley / Editing: Anocha Suwicha-kornpong,  Hamid Saidji, Jonathan Mason / Cine-matographer: Ming Kai Leung / Assistant Director: Waen Sophonpanich / Original Music: Mahasmut Bunyaraksh / Production Manager: S. Prakobsantisukh / Sound Recordist: Pitak Khardkhum / Cast: Songpon Chaiwi-mon, Praesita Nukitrungson, Ratiwat Khamsai as Jon

Synopsis: Jon, Nick, and Jeab are three teenagers on their way to the famous full  moon party in southern Thailand. As the journey progresses, their friendship is put to the test with unexpected results.



Ghosts/2005 / DV & 16mm / 35 min
Director: Anocha Suwichakornpong / Stories: Carla Hayes, John Magary, Anocha Suwichakornpong /Producers: BJ Perlmutt, Anocha Suwichakornpong / Cinematographer: Ming Kai Leung, Anocha Suwichakornpong / Assistant Director: Hossein Keshavarz / Sound: Nelson Walker / Editing: Anocha Suwichakorn-pong / Cast: John Magary, Carla Hayes, Naeng-noi Suwichkornpong, Pah Keaw

Synopsis: A filmmaker wants to make a film based on a life of an aging actress. Soon he realizes that his film is neither a documentary nor fiction. And the film isnt really about the actress. A reflection on life, memory, and cinema.



Graceland/2006 / 35 mm/17:37 min 

Director: Anocha Suwichakornpong / Producer: Soros Sukhum, Jetnipith Teerakulchanyut / Script: Anocha Suwichakornpong / Cinematographer: Ming Kai Leung / Editing: Lee  Chatame-tikool  / Sound: Akritchalerm  Kalayanamitr, Teek-hadet  Vucharadhanin / Music: Jetamol Marayota / Cast: Sarawut Martthong, Jelralin Chanchoen-grop

Synopsis: One night in Bangkok, Jon meets a mysterious woman. Together, they embark on a journey to a foreign land the human heart.



20 August

12.00    The Competition Program 3

ҧ / 17 min / ͹ѡ ŧŻ / ԷѧԵ

/ 20 min / ԢԵ ԷԾѹ / Է˧                  

ҹ·ͧ /20 min / ̭ҳ Լ /෤վШҤسҴкѧ

/ 11 min / Ҥ »ժ / ԷŻҡ

ԧ /17min / ԪԵѹ  ä / Էä / + ҧŴ

ѹ֧ / 13 min / ê Ѩҹ/෤վШҤسҴкѧ  

׹ѹ/19 min / ó ˧Ѳ / ŧóԷ / + ҧŴ

Home / 18 min / ó ͧ /  ԷŻҡ



14.30    S-Express Indonesia


Strangely Beautiful / 6 min /Angga D. Sasongko

Synopsis: Angga (born 1985) started making short films in high school. Now in his final year in University of Indonesia; he is shooting his first feature-length in January 2006.

Directors Bio: A lyrical piece they fall in love, then in desperation. Until it came; the desire to unbind and run away together.


Indonesian Workers in UK ,/ 7 min / Zeke Haris

Synopsis: A light, hearty and honest recollection of three Indonesian masseurs whose lifes journeys cross paths in UK.

Directors Bio: Zeke (born 1977) leads his two bands, Lain and Zeke And The Popo, and keeps making films after graduating New York Film Academy.


Kara Anak Sebatang Pohon (Kara The Daughter Of A Tree) /7 min/ Edwin ,

Synopsis: Kara lost her mother when she was being born. Ronald McDonald is convicted. The media peeps in her private life. She's disturbed, and went to see Ronald McDonald.

Directors Bio: Edwin (born 1978) is the most prolific short filmmaker in Indonesia. This particular short was selected for Cannes Directors Fortnight in 2005.                   



Perjalanan Pulang (Going Home)  /4 min /Dimas Agung, ,

Synopsis: A trip home could be boring if you do not invent certain competitiveness.

Directors Bio: Dimas (born 1984) assists the animator Wahyu Aditya in running Hellomotion, an animation and digital film school.             



Klayaban (A Tale Of An Outcast) / 15 min/ Farishad Latjuba,

Synopsis: A restaurant owner has just hired a new guy to work in his restaurant. One night, two unexpected guests visit the restaurant to unravel the past.

Directors Bio: Echa (born 1971) makes his short films in between television commercial projects and administering his film website,



Unrescued World: Zeke and the Popo / 5 min / Irwan Ahmett / Siti Irma

Synopsis: A line animation music video trying to defy all rules of gravity and logic of story.

Directors Bio: Siblings Irwan Ahmett (born 1975) and Siti Irma (born 1977) both went to Jakarta Institute of the Arts, respectively majoring in graphic design and directing. This is their first collaboration a tiring 4 months.                



Still / 15 min/ Lucky Kuswandi

Synopsis: A doubtful young boy waveringly cruises his life to come in terms with his father.

Directors Bio: Lucky (born 1980) is a graduate of the Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, USA with a degree in Filmmaking. He is now writing his first feature-length.



S-Express Philippines

Manggang Matamis/ 34 min / Mark Villena  

Synopsis: An adaptation of Ramon C. Sunico's "Two Friends, One World", A Mango Day is the story of Raquel and Dindo sharing stories, trading laughs, shooting the breeze on a Saturday afternoon walk at the park. To explore, to appreciate, or to just be - as this story proves, there's more than one way to see the world, with friendship to bridge any differences.


Suring and the Kuk-ok /9 min / Auraeus Solito 

Synopsis : A Palawan myth. Suring invokes the spell of Parimanis, a spell of absolute beauty, and befriends a Kuk-ok, a creature whose fingers are stuck together and can transform into any form, including Surings.


7-Cut / 9:16 min/ Jay Abello  

Synopsis : 7-Cut is a play on the psyche of people when paranoia sets in.

A guy goes in to the local barbershop for a haircut and falls prey to paranoia, fearing that he is under the hands so-to-speak of a provincial mass murderer everyone's been looking for. Or is he not paranoid after all?                     


Childstar/ 7 min / Quark Henares 

Synopsis : G Toeng? plays Ria, a former childstar living in a world that seems to have forgotten her. She is trapped in an endless cycle of interviews, auditions, and hack jobs, and dreams of one day returning to the limelight.



Kalawang/ 6 min / Cesar Hernando

Synopsis : Fascism inevitably leads to global annihilation.



The Great Smoke/ 6 min / Roxlee 

Synopsis : An animated short film about the effects of the nuclear bomb.             


Amen / 15 min/ Khavn Dela Cruz

Synopsis : Black satire about a super-polite Filipino child who literally loses his head. An absurdist satire on the old Filipino custom that younger people should raise the hands of their elders to their forehead as a sign of respect. The disobedient child Elbis takes the last wish of his mother to be respectful all too literally and gives 'mano' (the hand-forehead gesture) until he doesn't have much forehead left.


Plano / 3 min/ Antoinette Jadaone 

Synopsis : Plano is a short film about a man who didnt pick on someone his own size, and a girl who seemed too little to be vengeful.



18.00    The Competition Program 4  animation

321...٭   / 4 min / ѵ ʡç  

Hope is all A  round / 7 min / Ե

 / 3.30 min / ԷѰ  ҵ

ش/ 13 min / ѭ حͧ

ѡ  / 2 min /Ѫ

The Animate Experiment / 7 min /Թ ѷdzԪ

˭ԧ͡ ǡ硪/  4.30 min /ѹ ѹúص

The Giving Tree /4.40 min/Դ زԡ

Balance /3 min / ê Ѩҹ/ ا Ҩ

/ 4.10 min / Ⱦ حԹآ

֡ / 4.10 min/ Էѡ ҹ

Ǵ / 3.40 min / Ѫ Ѩо


19.30    British Short Films 1 Dissecting Reality

            Lenox /2004/10 mins /Esther Johnson

Synopsis: This short experimental documentary is a layered audio visual look at the past and present of Buffalo's old Hotel Lenox, and the many stories contained within its weathered walls.


After /2005/6 mins / Kim Noce,

Synopsis: After is a documentary animation that traces the emotional journey of three people as they journey from isolation and despair to discover a newfound hope in their lives.



Tattoo /2001/ 9 mins /Miranda Pennell,

Synopsis: The rhythms and patterns of military drill create a dance for the camera. Set against the horizon of Salisbury Plain, a regiment of soldiers repeat their curious ritual in a bleak and timeless natural world, witnessed only by the trees and the bird-life.


Doubled Up /2004,/ 6 mins/Samantha Moore,

Synopsis: Sam Moore's Doubled Up tells of the shock and awe of finding out she was expecting twins. The film is an opulent and multi-faceted song of love, panic, fear and lots of nappies.


A Peacock Tale /2004,/ 9 mins/Arlene Cullum,

Synopsis: Fabia is insane from lack of sleep. She sets off to buy sleeping pills. Every sound she hears is amplified and grates on her nerves but unknown to her, other people in the town are suffering too.


City Paradise /2004,/ 6 mins/Gaelle Dennis,

Synopsis: City Paradise is a beautiful and quirky animation from BAFTA winning director. London is a big city, and for those new to it, it can sometimes seem quite scary. But Tomoko, who arrives from Japan to learn English, accidentally discovers a mysterious, secret city underground, inhabited by friendly little aliens. After that, everything changes.


Thought Moments / 14 mins/Michael Simon Toon,

Synopsis: Thought Moments is a Buddhist term for the mental states that are experienced after a physical or mental object enters the mind. This film captures the expressions during these thought moments.


Perpetual Motion: In The Land Of Milk and Honey /2004 / 7 min./Al+Al

Synopsis: AL and AL's Grandfather is a retired engineer and inventor. The film simulates his lifelong endeavour to create a perpetual motion device and supply free power for the people.




21 August


18.00    The Competition Program 5

Change / 9 min / ԵԾ ͡Ѫ, صéó / Էѹ෤Ҫšا෾/** һСǴ੾ҧ⡴ѡ

Prison of Heart / 25 min / С½ ͧപ / ԷѧԵ/ ** һСǴ੾ҧ⡴ѡ

͡ѭ / 26 min / ɰԷ ѹ / ԷѧԵ

ѡɯ / 4.50 min  / ෹ѹ, ʾ ԨԵعá/Է෤ҪŸѭ/** һСǴ੾ҧ⡴ѡ

ѧͧ / 11 min / ѭ  §Ż, ѳ حѵ / ԷѧԵ

Grey Sky / 40 min / ɴ Ԫó / ŧóԷ /** һСǴ੾ҧ⡴ѡ


20.00    S-express China

            Terrace / 11 min /Song Di

            Carriage  / 18 mins /Xu Xin

            Ma Ma  /30 mins / Li Jia

            An Interior View of Death/15 mins /Cui Zien

            144211 /15 mins /Dong Lei 


22 August

18.00    The Competition Program 6

/ 15 min / ҹѵ

/ 10 min / 蹪 ѡ 

ʧҹ / 10 min / Ԫҵ /  

Between the line / 11 min / СԵ ѷøù

See / 9 min / Ǿ çѵķ /

ҹѧ / 12 min / Ī ҹ

Dripping / 7 min / ѡ Ÿç

ѡ/Դ/һ : In the name of sin / 30 min / ѭԹ آоɰ/ԡ վá



20.00    Black on White 1


Inja Yomlungu (White Man's Dog)/ 55min/ Dir: Sipho Singiswa

Synopsis: What makes a white man treat a dog better than he treats another human being? In the days of apartheid, the white mans dogs were used to inspire fear. Before he was incarcerated on Robben Island, Sipho had a dog called Duke. He remembers being devoted to the dog, but ponders if they were ever as close as some of his white friends are to their dogs. So he sets out to explore the reasons behind the difference in attitude. As this amusing exploration unfolds, it transpires that, while in the past dogs were utilised for more sinister reasons, today the relationships reflect a crack in the sociology of whites.

Product of Encounters Laboratory 2004



The Heart of Whiteness/ 50min / Dir: Rehad Desai

Synopsis: Determined to find out what white identity means to whites and why social segregation remains important the filmmaker strikes out on a road trip across South Africa with a light spirit and an enquiring mind. His mission: to find and talk to those white South Africans who are so terrified of being swamped by Africa that they purposely isolated themselves from all races in a town called Orania. From the very onset, until he is standing next to the sculpture of a in the heart of Orania, Desai gently challenges the ordinary whites he meets.



23 August

18.00    The Competition Program 7

Ӷ / 15 min / Ѯ ѧ / Է˧          

Ѫ-Ҵ / 24 min / ÷Ծ ѡ / Է¸áԨѳԵ / +ҧŴ

ȡү... / 25 min / ѹ ع /ԷѧԵ/ +⡴ѡ         

˵ؼŷҷСѹ / 13 min / Ԫ ѵó / ŧóԷ/+⡴ѡ

խ / 25 min / Թ Եǧ / ŧóԷ/+⡴ѡ

§Ңͧ / 11 min / ѭ ࡵؼ , ͧѡ / ԷԴ,ʶҺѹ෤վШҤسҴкѧ



20.00    Black on White 2


Different Pigment /48min/ Dir: Omelga Mthiyane

Synopsis: When we first meet Alex Mjy Botha he is, apart from the colour of his skin, a 25 year old Zulu. He speaks the language fluently, lives in Lindelani township with the Gumedes and is in the process of negotiating lobola for the 16 year old love of his life whose name, Thandeka. The next time we see them, they are married, but the sincere Mjy is gone and the sgebengu Alex has taken his place. Alex works in a gentlemans club while his prize, the confused and angry Thandeka, lives in East London with his sister and his son.


Men of Gold  /54min / Dir: Vincent Moloi

Synopsis: In this fascinating portrait of Leonard Johnson, the history of Johannesburg is turned on its head. Cluttered with hawkers, and no longer lit with the magic of Christmas lights, Jozis streets tell a different story. Leonard and Arthur have left behind their life of privilege to hustle on the streets, selling jewellery, fixing shop tills, begging from passers-by and making enough for their daily hit of Their friendship is all they have and they joyfully acknowledge that they are just centime-tres from hitting rock bottom. But when Arthur goes missing, although he makes an attempt to find him, Leonard resolutely sticks to his routine. Johannes-burg was the City of Gold, but now the fake gold in this city is a means to an end for a poor, white hustler spouting his warped wisdom on the street.



24 August

18.00   Digital Momentum 2


6 or 5/ 56 min /  Sarawan Weerawat

Synopsis: This is the story of six people who have been friends since high school. However, as time goes by, there are only 5 friends left.    


Sleeping Beauty / 40 min / Chulyanon Siriphol  

Synopsis: A fairy tale of a beautiful princess.      



20.00    British Short Film  2 Landscapes in my Head

Continental Drift (William Raban, 2005, 16 mins)

Synopsis: Filmed in the Straits of Dover, Continental Drift measures the detachment of England from mainstream Europe.


Exposure (Peter Collis, 2003, 5 mins)

Synopsis: A curious and remote coastal research site becomes a vibrant and graphic testament to impermanence. Using a range of experimental animation techniques the film studies both physical exposure to time and weathering, and photographic exposure to light, processing chemicals and mark-making directly on to celluloid.


Untitled (A Different Time), (Helen Fletcher, 2004, 5 mins)

Synopsis: Untitled is a metaphor for a sleeping woman in a state of dream or of psychological disintegration. She gradually reassembles suggesting either a movement from deep dream-like sleep or more likely a pull back from the decision to die. 



Resident of Earth (Paul Tarrago, 2005, 15 mins)

Synopsis: Domestic life in south London filtered through stories of weight (and waiting), local history, bad dreams and the ongoing colonisation of the moon.


Museum Piece (John Smith, 2004, 12mins)

Synopsis: While the Iraq war continues, a day's sightseeing and the features of a German hotel provoke a stream of thoughts about events large and small. Museum Piece is the second video in the Hotel Diaries series, a collection of late night recordings made in foreign hotel rooms which relate personal experiences to contemporary world events.


A Streetcar Named Humber (Esther Johnson, 2004, 16 mins)

Synopsis: A Street Named Humber reflects concerns of regeneration and a cities heritage, of the traditions of the past and a changing future. Insights are gleaned from the individual memories of a microcosm of people from this vibrant and historic Yorkshire market street.



Tube (Christopher Steel, 2005, 8 mins)

Synopsis: Improvised film investigates the different moments in a day on the London Underground. This personal, improvised film moves from an idealised, off-peak experience of the Underground through to the misery of rush hour. Removing language and colour elevates the background, letting you see and hear more.




25 August

18.00    The Competition Program 8

˹ѧ 16 觤ѧ           / 30 min / һ عҹ

/ 12 min / Ҿ ủ /

֡ / 17 min / ѳ ԧ 

.. / 30 min  / Ǵ ж

ͧԴ ( Fat Code version)/ 6 min / ѹ кѳԵ 

3 ҷ / 6.30 min /  



20.00    Thaiindie -Basic ˹ѧԹ /108 ҷ
·ҧ (You are Where I Belong to)/ 10 min / ѭʡ ѹԷá 
ʧʹ (War of Fluolescent)  / 7 min / Ѳ ­ 
Ӥ (Dusk & Dawn) / 12 min / ԵԾ 蹷Ѿ
Love Assassin
/ 5 minutes / Ȼзջ ,ʶԵ ʵʵ 
ҧ (Space)/ 7 min / ʶԵ ѵʵ 
Home Alone
 / 15 min / ªҹ
˹ѧͧ (OUR FILM ) / 22 min / öԷ ͺ
ѹ֡ҹȾ (The Funeral)  / 20 min / ؾ ѡѵ

ͧҷҧѹ (Different Degree) / 10 min / ѵúاآ


26 August

19.00-02.00  Long Night of Short  : Cerebrating 10th anniversary Thai Short Film and Video

  Festival  7 hours screenings   


27 August

18.00    Closing ceremony and screening the awarded movies  




Short Film Charity

Digital Short Films by Three Filmmakers 2006 : Talk to Her

at Major Cineplex Sukhumvit on 28-30 August at 19.00

The ticket costs 150 Baht. The whole revenue is contributed to the National Film Archive. The ticket is available during the film festival on 18-27 August at Pridi Panomyong Institute. 



Doc Lab with Sato Makoto

Workshop for documentary filmmaking by Sato Makoto at TK Park (Thailand Knowledge) on 31 August - 1 September at 13.00-18.00.



Japanese Documentary : Cinema with a Conscience

This programme will be part of the 10th Thai Short film and Video Festival In collaboration with Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival and AND Match!

Location: Japan Foundation


13.00  Summer in Narita/ 1968/108  min/ Director: Ogawa Shinsuke

Synopsis: 1968the year students and workers revolted against established authorities around the world. In Narita, Japan, residents of the farming village Sanrizuka rose up in protest against the New Tokyo International Airport Project, a project that had been decided upon without any respect to local concerns. This film is the first in Ogawa Productions eight-year, seven-films Narita series. It was through this series that Ogawa and Ogawa Productions established their method of filming while living with the people they were filming.  The camera follows the Youth Brigade as they decide to use arms in their struggles against the riot police



15.00 Minamata : The Victim and their world/ 1971/ 120 mins / Director: Noriaki Tsuchimoto

Synopsis: The Victim and their world (1971) was the first in the series. The film followed the lives of 29 households who suffered from mercury poisoning created by the Chisso Corporation in Minamata, Kyoshu.  The film focuses on everyday life of the patient on rather than emphasizing on the disease. The film did not forget the point of struggle of the patient for the justice but rather presented in a gentle way which creates sympathy rather than rage.




13.00 A /1995 / 115 mins/ Director:  Mori Tatsuya

Synopsis: It is a documentary about Japanese most controversial cult, Aum Shinrikyo which responsible for releasing poisoning gas in the Tokyo subway. The film does not focus on the incident but Araki Hiroshi, Deputy Spokesperson of the Aum Shinrikyo religious group.  Mori took two years to cover of Aum member Araki during the aftermath of the cults crimes. This film provides a complex feeling of how to take Araki as a human being or as a member of a minority group which is unwelcome from the society.



15.00 The New God / 1999 /  99mins/ Director: Tsuchiya Yutaka

Synopsis: Karin is a teenager who had problems finding a meaning to her existence in society and repeatedly attempted suicide. It was the philosophy of the ultra rightwing nationalists that saved her. She and her comrade Ito put together a band and started playing nationalist punk music. Tsuchiya decides to give Karin a video camera to shoot herself and her daily life, and starts a peculiar three way relationship with the couple. Karin travels with the camera to North Korea and meets former Red Army terrorists who fled from Japan aboard a hijacked plane twenty years ago. As the camera keeps rolling, so does Karin. She decides to leave the political organization and makes her first steps towards a

more independent persona.



Director in Focus: Sato Makoto

Location: Tiam Chokwattana room  the 4th fl. at the communication arts building Chulalongkorn University



13.00  Living on the River Agano / 1992 / 105min

Synopsis:  The filmmakers filmed and shared everyday life in Kanose, a town on the River Agano in the Niigata Prefecture. Kanose and nearby Yasuda lie close to the Showa Electric Company factory that has poisoned the river by dumping organic mercury waste


15.00  Memories of Agano / 2004 / 55 min

Synopsis: Ten years after the acclaimed film Living on the River Agano, the film crew returns to Niigata to visit the people. Personal memories reflect upon remnants of those many who passed away as the camera observes abandoned rice fields and hearths that have lost their masters.


16.00  Meeting Sato Makoto : Making film of LIFE. Discussing his 20 year experience on

          documentary filmmaking. 




13.00   Out of Place: Memories of Edward Said  / 2005 / 137 min

Synopsis: In September 2003, Edward Said, the Palestinian and eminent Arab intellectual, died. In the spring of 2004, Said's grave was placed not in New York where he had lived most of his adult life, not in Palestine where he was born, but in the small Lebanese town of Brumana. This film begins with the story of Said's grave, symbolic of the complexities of his life. Guided by interviews with both Arab and Israeli thinkers, Out of Place is a journey through the memories and legacies of Edward Said, an exploration of the prospects for the reconciliation and coexistence that Said fought for throughout his life. The film examines the tangled web of displacement: the land of Palestine and its people, ravaged by the turbulent tides of history; the lives of Palestinians living as refugees in neighboring countries; the Jews, surviving long years of persecution in the Diaspora, returning to Israel from across the world, and the deep conflict of their mingled identity as victims and violators. The films ends with a solo piano performance at a memorial lecture by Daniel Baren-boim, who together with Said launched a program to bring about reconciliation through music, between the youth of Israel and Palestine.


16.00   Seminar: The solution to Conflict in Thailand


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